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14 Ekim 2014

Plans for TV debates ahead of next year’s General Election are in chaos, with growing doubts over whether they will sex video take place. Ukip leader Nigel Farage has been offered a slot in one of the debates under plans unveiled by broadcasters yesterday. One debate would be be a straight fight between Tory David Cameron and Labours Ed Miliband, a second debate will vip escort also feature Lib Dem Nick Clegg, but in the third Mr Farage will also join the line-up.But the plans were immediately plunged into chaos amid threats of legal action, with the Lib Dems opposing any attempt to exclude Mr Clegg, Ukip suggesting Mr Farage should be included in more than one and the Greens and Respect demanding a place.Scroll down for video 
Ukip leader Nigel Farage, pictured in Westminster, has been offered a coveted slot in a TV debate alongside Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg
David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have been urged to sign up to the debates but there remain doubts about the detailsMore than 20million people watched the TV debates in 2010, the first time political leaders had gone head-to-head in Britain.The debates form a traditional part of US Presidential elections, but critics said they risked sucking the life out of the wider campaign.The decision to offer Mr Farage a place in one of the debates is likely to prove controversial, but the broadcasters said they are responding to the changes in the political landscape.Ukip won its first elected MP – Douglas Carswell – in last weeks Clacton by-election and aims to secure a second seat in Rochester and Strood.
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One opinion poll yesterday put Ukip on 25 per cent, just behind Labour and the Tories tied on 31 per cent. In theory, this level of support could give Ukip 128 MPs. Under the plans, Channel 4 and Sky News will host a debate between Mr Miliband and Mr Cameron, hosted by former Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman.This is likely to appeal to the Conservatives, who want to present the next election as a straight choice over who should be the next Prime Minister. I will have a look at this proposal. I think there are some questions over it Prime Minister David Cameron Polls suggest fewer than one in five voters think Mr Miliband should be PM.Mr Cameron said: I will have a look at this proposal. I think there are some questions over it.Why have all the debates inside the election campaign, rather than spreading them out over a longer period? And also, why include some parties and not other parties?Mr Cameron suggested that he would only be willing to take part in a debate against Mr Farage if other minor parties are included, such as the Greens. Im in favour of TV debates, but youve got to make sure you come up with a proposal that everyone can agree to, and I cant see how you can have one party in that has an MP in Parliament, and not another party.Im sure clever people can get together and sort these issues out, but they do need to take these sorts of points into account.The PM also repeated his suggestion that any debate should begin before the official election period, to avoid overshadowing the rest of the campaign.
Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg debate immigration in March
Mr Farage welcomed the offer, but suggested that he should be included in more than one debateThe BBC is planning to host a debate, chaired by David Dimbleby, between Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband and Mr Clegg – a repeat of the three-way format seen in 2010.ITV will host a four-way debate, including Mr Farage for the first time. It would hosted by ITV presenter Julie Etchingham.John Ryley, head of Sky News, said: There are only 24 weeks to go before the start of the General Election Campaign.Sky, Channel Four, the BBC and ITV have put together a clear compelling proposal; three debates during the election campaign. Its now critical that the political parties engage and start negotiating for the debates seriously.The 2010 general election saw Britains first live TV debates between the main party leaders, with Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown going head-to-head with Tory leader Mr Cameron and the Lib Dems Mr Clegg.
More than 20million people watched the TV debates in 2010, the first time party leaders had gone head-to-head in a general election campaignAs the least known leader at the three, Mr Clegg was seen as the big winner of the first of the three debates, with his poll ratings rocketing to record levels.Senior figures in the Conservative party fear allowing Ukip to take part could see Mr Farage benefit in the same way, depriving them of an overall majority in what is certain to be another close election. With these proposals the broadcasters are demonstrating just how out of touch they are with the public mood Green leader Natalie Bennett Mr Clegg has previously accused the Tories of refusing to sign up to the debates because of concern about giving Ukip a publicity boost.The Lib Dems welcomed moves to ensure the debates happened again, but opposed any attempt to exclude Mr Clegg.A spokesman said: The Liberal Democrats, like the Labour Party, have publicly said that we would be prepared to sign up to the same 3-3-3 system we had in 2010.We do not accept the proposal that the Liberal Democrats, as a party of government, should be prevented from defending our record in one of the TV debates.That is the case we will make strongly in the negotiations that will now take place and we urge the other parties to join us around the negotiating table without excuse or delay.A Conservative Party spokesman said: We note the request and will respond accordingly. 
Ukip have risen dramatically in the polls since April 2012 when they languished on 9% with little hope of an MPMr Miliband welcomed the proposals as a positive step forward . He added: I hope David Cameron is not going to put up false obstacles to these TV debates happening.He should be saying they will happen, they must happen during the campaign. For my part, Im going to make sure they do.He added: I think they are a good basis for moving forward. I think the most important thing is to give the public what they are entitled to, which is these TV debates.They happened at the last general election, we must make sure they happen in this general election too.Both the Green party and Respect – which like Ukip have each an one MP – demanded to be included alongside Mr Farage.Mr Cameron questioned how it would be possible to include one party with a single MP – Ukip – but exclude the Greens and Respect, who also each have one member of the Commons.‘I will have a look at this proposal. I think there are some questions over it,’ the Prime Minister said. ‘Why have all the debates inside the election campaign, rather than spreading them out over a longer period? And also, why include some parties and not other parties?’Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood added: ‘The people of Wales deserve nothing less than to hear what all parties have to offer them and we will be taking immediate steps to ensure that this happens.’ Only Mr Miliband welcomed the proposals as a ‘positive step forward’.‘I hope David Cameron is not going to put up false obstacles to these TV debates happening,’ he said.Katie Ghose, chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society, which campaigns for democratic reform, criticised broadcasters for seeking to exclude smaller parties.She said: ‘The format suggested by the broadcasters doesn’t really reflect the fact that we are now firmly in a multi-party era.’
Respect MP George Galloway threatened legal action to be included in the debates, along with Green party MP Caroline LucasGreen Party leader Natalie Bennett said: With these proposals the broadcasters are demonstrating just how out of touch they are with the public mood, and how ridiculously they cling to the idea that the future of politics looks like the past.It is clear from votes and polls that the public are fed up with the three business-as-usual parties and are looking around for alternatives.That is also demonstrated by the soaring membership of the Green parties of England and Wales and Scotland, now exceeding 27,000.Those members, the fast-growing numbers of likely Green voters (matching Lib Dems numbers), and the majority who back Green policies like bringing the railways back into public hands and the living wage for all workers would be seriously short-changed by debates from which we were excluded.Respect MP George Galloway later wrote on Twitter: I am ready to join Caroline Lucas MP in a legal challenge against our exclusion from the leaders debates in the forthcoming general election. 

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13 Ekim 2014

Fashion stores like Marks & Spencer and Next have been unable to shift winter coats and boots because of an bayan escort Indian summer that has stretched into October.M&S is expected to report worse than expected clothing and footwear sales next month escort after it was caught out by one of the warmest autumns in a century.The pattern follows similar warnings issued by escort bayan Next and the N Brown Group, which is an online retailer, while both John Lewis and H&M said the warmer vip eskort weather has had an impact on sales.Honor Westnedge, lead analyst at Verdict, a retail consultancy, said fashion giants have lost out because they failed to have sufficient stocks of T-shirts and warm weather dresses to match the hotter than expected temperatures.Scroll down for video 
Marks & Spencer and Next have been unable to shift winter coats and boots because of an Indian summer that has stretched into OctoberPrevious
Weve become a nation of night owl shoppers: Sleep-deprived parents help fuel 31 per cent surge in…
High Street giants feel the heat as profits and reputations suffer amid tough trading conditions
‘The retailers need to think about pre-empting this weather with transitional stock to carry them through until the consumer wants that heavier garment.’September was among the warmest Britain has seen over the last 100 years and the temperature gauge in central England hit an average of 15.3C, which was higher than August.It was the warmest September since 2006 and also the driest since records began in 1910, which hit sales of wet weather gear, such as macs, trench coats and boots.The warm weather continued into early October, forcing retailers, including M&S, to make significant price cuts on autumn and winter ranges.Current deals at M&S include a 58per cent price cut on the Per Una Pure Cotton Bodysensor Coated Herringbone Mac with Stormwear, which is down to £35.99, and a Buttonsafe Pure Cotton Trench Mac with Stormwear, which is half price at £42.99.Among the savings on woollens, is the Per Una Speziale Wool Rich Kimono Jumper with Cashmere, which is down almost 60per cent to £52.99.
M&S is expected to report worse than expected clothing and footwear sales next month after it was caught out by one of the warmest autumns in a century (Roundhay Park in Leeds on Saturday)
It was the warmest September since 2006 and also the driest since records began in 1910, which hit sales of wet weather gear, such as macs, trench coats and bootsRetail analyst, Richard Hyman, said: ‘Trying to sell coats and warmer autumn and winter clothing to people who are in T-shirts and enjoying the sunshine has clearly been extremely challenging.’Analysts at stockbrokers Citi say they expect general merchandise sales at M&S in the three months to September 29 to be down by four per cent on the same period last year, which is worse than the one per cent previously expected. As a result, it has cut its forecast for the company’s full-year profit by 1.5per cent to £650m.Next recently warned that if the warm weather continued into October – as it has – this would inevitably have an impact on its profits. This would take them below the previously expected prediction of £775m-£815m.Retailers are praying for a return to real autumn weather, however it seems that after some wind and rain across England and Wales in the next few days, temperatures will climb again by the weekend.A warm air flow from Southern Spain is expected to provide three days of balmy weather for much of Britain late next week.An autumnal mini-heatwave is set to kick off next Friday and temperatures could climb to around 21C in much of Southern England, the Midlands, East Anglia and South and East Wales.Highs in the South East may hit 22C (71.6F) next weekend, which is way above the 16C average maximum for London in October.The mild weather will also extend to the North East where the mercury could touch 20C (68F) compared to a monthly average high of just 13C in Newcastle.  

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11 Ekim 2014

This huge seventeenth-century barn could be yours for an absolute bargain – as long as you dont mind a bit child porno of DIY.The enormous structure, which is on the the market for only £100,000, has been dubbed the ultimate flat-pack challenge escort bayan for any Ikea fan.Made from dozens of solid oak beams, it will be delivered to the buyer completely dismantled.But dont escort worry if youre not handy with a hammer – theres no sign of an Allen key, picture instructions or a porn Swedish meatball in sight. Instead, each piece of timber has been numbered and an expert in historic buildings will be on hand to help rebuild it.Scroll down for video 
This CGI image shows what the barn, which is on sale for a mere £100,000 after 25 years in storage, could look like when it is assembled 
The barn will be delivered to the buyer completely dismantled with each solid oak beam numbered to make it easier to put togetherThe building began life as a thatched tithe barn at Acton Hall, a grand country estate near Stowmarket in Suffolk, before being converted into a house in its own right. There, it stood for 350 years on a country estate until the owners decided they no longer wanted it.Under threat of being sold off in individual chunks, the barn was salvaged by John Langdon, an expert in preserving historic barns, in the early 1990s.It was dismantled and sold to a brewery 25 years ago who planned to turn it into a unique venue for functions but a suitable location for it was never found.
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It has been in storage ever since until it was recently listed for sale again following a change of heart by the brewery. It has now gone on sale at Summers Place auction house at Billingshurst, West Sussex, with an auction to take place on October 22.And although the barn is currently in pieces, it can easily be reassembled into a structure that is 121ft long, 28ft wide and 25ft tall by a team of experts. But despite a pre-sale estimate of £100,000, it will cost another £100,000 to put it back together and transform it into a grand house, office or function hall.
Left, the historic barn before it was dismantled 25 years ago to be sold to a brewery and right, what the timber looks like in storageMr Langdon, from Petworth, West Sussex, said: The barn dates back to the mid-17th century when it would have been used as a tithe barn to store lots of different things in.It was dismantled about 25 years ago on a big farm estate where it was getting in the way of modern farm buildings being built.It was going to be sold off as individual timbers so we bought the whole lot, numbered it up, dismantled it and found a new home for it with a brewery.It was intended to remain as an open plan building that would be used for functions but the brewery never got round to finding the right site for it.In the end they asked us to buy it back from them, which we did. FROM BARN TO BOX: A HISTORY The barn first stood at Acton Hall, a grand country estate near Stowmarket in Suffolk.It was a thatched thithe barn before it was converted into a house.After 350 years, under threat of being sold off in parts, it was salvaged by John Langon, an expert in preserving historic barns, in the early 1990s. It was bought by a brewery 25 years ago to turn into a venue for functions but a location was never found.It has now come out of storage and gone on sale at Summers Place auction house in Billingshurst, West Sussex. The barn is made up of many tonnes of beams that we have been storing.Its like the ultimate Ikea flatpack, which is exactly how things were made back then.The only differences are that we will deliver it to the buyer and they wont need an Allen key to put it up – we will help re-erect it too.The barn is hugely historic – very few buildings last as long as its been around, and it will easily last another 500 years.The framework is hand hewn from oak and it is held together entirely with mortise and tenon oak pegs and its in amazing condition.I can confidently say there will never be another barn like this come up for sale.We are expecting offers over £100,000 and it would probably cost the same again to erect and turn into a house.Thats cheaper than buying a terraced house in some parts of the country.We think it would make an ideal wedding venue – theres a real demand for unique wedding venues and we think this building would be wonderful for just that.It is an exceptional building, a unique situation and an absolute bargain. 
The auction guide shows the barn before it was dismantled but it will cost the buyer another £100,000 to put back together
A plan of the barn showing the roof. It will be auctioned at Summers Place auction house at Billingshurst, West Sussex, on October 22
A team of experts in historical building can easily reassemble it into a structure that is 121ft long, 28ft wide and 25ft tall 
It was listed for sale after the brewery, which bought it 25 years ago to turn into a venue for functions, failed to find a location for it
 For 350 years, the barn stood on a grand country estate, first as a thatched thithe barn but it was later converted into a house
The ultimate challenge for IKEA lovers? But dont worry, theres not an Allen key, instructions or Swedish meatball in sight
See family taking delivery of a flat-pack house
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The app, dubbed Good2Go, allowed users to give affirmative consent prior to sexual activityDespite all of its developers good intentions, escort an app designed to tackle sexual assault has shut down. Dubbed Good2Go, the app allowed users to give affirmative consent prior child porno to sexual activity.But to do so, they had to tell the app who they were sleeping with, when they were porn doing it, and how drunk or sober they were.They were then advised as to whether they could consent to sex.Lee escort bayan Ann Allman created the app after speaking to her teenage children about sexual assault on American college campuses.However, earlier this week Apple removed it from its App Store citing that its developer guidelines do not allow excessively objectionable or crude content.The firm did not give the exact reasons why the app was pulled. This led to Ms Allman deciding to remove the free app from the Android store, Google Play, and shut down the site completely.Ms Allman told Slate Magazine that, while Apple didn’t provide details about its decision to remove the app, they did say it was not deemed to be crude.She added that she hopes to relaunch the app next year, without the registration steps. It is hoped it will be used by schools to talk about sexual assault and consensual sex.  When the app launched, Ms Allman, who also runs Sandton Technologies, said she hoped the technology would help facilitate necessary conversations between sexual partners and encourage them to reflect on their sobriety. 
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Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law requiring all state colleges to adopt a policy of unambiguous, affirmative consent by students engaged in sexual activity.The so-called yes means yes law will be the first in the nation to make affirmative consent language a central tenet of school sexual assault policies, proponents said. 
Lee Ann Allman created the app (pictured) after speaking to her teenage children about sexual assault on American college campuses. However, earlier this week Apple removed it from its App Store citing that its developer guidelines do not allow excessively objectionable or crude content
This led to Ms Allman deciding to remove the free app from Google Play, and shut down the site completely. Ms Allman said she hopes to relaunch the app next year, without the registration steps, as an educational app only APPLES APP STORE GUIDELINES To be accepted onto the App Store, apps must be functional in that they must not crash, include hidden features or work in a way other than what the developer advertised.They must also have a user function and developers cant charge for app that doesnt do anything.Any app that is defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harms way will be rejected.Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected along with apps that are designed to upset or disgust users.Apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings, will be rejected.  The legislation, passed by the California State Senate in August as part of a nationwide effort to curb sexual assaults on U.S. campuses, defines consent as an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.It also states that silence and a lack of resistance do not signify consent and that drugs or alcohol do not excuse unwanted sexual activity.The White House has declared sex crimes to be epidemic on U.S. college campuses, with one in five students falling victim to sex assault during their college years. Ms Allmans app was said to have been a direct response to this legislation. To be accepted onto the App Store, apps must be functional in that they must not crash, include hidden features or work in a way other than what the developer advertised.They must also have a user function and developers cant charge for app that doesnt do anything.Any app that is defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harms way will be rejected.
Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown (pictured) signed a law requiring all state colleges to adopt a policy of unambiguous, affirmative consent by students engaged in sexual activity. Ms Allmans app was said to have been a direct response to this legislationApps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected along with apps that are designed to upset or disgust users.Apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings, will be rejected.In summary, Apple said: We will reject Apps for any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”. And we think that you will also know it when you cross it.
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MORE FROM REDKNAPPS BOOK  child porno George Best is still the escort bayan bravest player Ive seen… he changed football George Best, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby Charlton all make my team of the porn sixtiesDuncan Edwards joins Billy Wright and Danny Blanchflower in my team of the fifties escort Harry Redknapp is one of the game’s most colourful and outspoken characters. Here, in the latest extract from his fascinating book, he reveals the clamour for Kenny Dalglishs signature and charts the beginning of English footballs influx of foreign talent. …………………………………………………………………. Clearing out the garage the other day, I found a pair of my dad’s old boots. It’s a wonder players from the 50s could run at all! Metal toecaps, studs banged in the bottom with the nails coming through the sole.How could you have had any feel for a football with a set of those on? I’d love to organise a game one day. Get 22 top players together, the stars of the Premier League, put them in the old equipment and see how they coped. Now that would be interesting.In the Fifties, there were two kinds of surface, rock hard or mud heap. So it was unbelievable, really, to show the skill that the Tottenham team demonstrated in that gear.
Tottenham were superb in the Fifties, especially on the surface… Id like to see Premier League players try!
West Ham United players train at the Essex health centre during hot weather on a dry pitch
Manchester Uniteds Duncan Edwards training after being selected for Englands Under 23 team
Spurs were a push and run team, I would compare them to the modern Barcelona They were the ‘push and run’ team. It is hard to explain their significance to a younger generation, but I would compare them to the modern Barcelona, the way their game was all about short passing and movement.It wasn’t quite as sophisticated, obviously. What they called push and run back then is now known as the one-two and every team does it. But at the time it was revolutionary.My dad, also called Harry, loved Arsenal, but football wasn’t as tribal then as it is now, so Highbury wasn’t our only destination.Millwall’s ground, The Den, was another haunt, and coming from East London we would wait at the entrance of the Rotherhithe Tunnel for a lift across the river. Eventually a car would stop and we’d jump in. In those days, people were friendlier and more trusting. They were going to football, we were going to football, so we all went together. 
Highbury and The Den (pictured) were the normal grounds for me as a youngster
An Arsenal vs Manchester United programme, 1958 – the Busby Babes last ever gameFew people wore colours in those days. I remember my mum knitted me a red and white scarf for when I went to Arsenal, but there were no replica shirts or club merchandise. My dad even used to put on a collar and tie to go to some games.I saw the last game the Busby Babes played in this country, a 5–4 win at Arsenal on February 1, 1958, and that would have stuck in my mind even without Munich. It was a fantastic game, such incredible quality, and the next I heard was a radio bulletin saying Manchester United’s plane had crashed on the way back from Belgrade. Mum always had the radio on: The Billy Cotton Band Show, The Archers and the news, and that’s where I heard about Manchester United and Duncan Edwards.I’d kept a scrapbook and I’m sure there is a picture from a newspaper in it of Duncan sitting up in his hospital bed: he was going to be all right. Sadly, his condition worsened and he died. I was devastated. He was my idol.By the time I was 11, I was being scouted by professional clubs, so we used to get offered a lot of tickets. Then we could take our pick of matches. Top of the pile for my dad was when Tom Finney was in town, playing for Preston. In one game Tom played for England, Portugal captain Alvaro Cardoso walked off the field and demanded to be replaced because he was so tired of being given the run-around. England won 10–0.
Duncan Edwards, pictured with manager Matt Busby, was my idol as a child READ MORE EXCERPTS FROM REDKNAPPS A MAN WALKS ON TO A PITCH George Best is still the bravest player Ive seen… he changed football George Best, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby Charlton all make my team of the sixtiesDuncan Edwards joins Billy Wright and Danny Blanchflower in my team of the fiftiesWhere are poor Paul Gascoignes friends now he needs their help?Dalglish had West Ham stars standing and applauding at 15… then he signed for Celtic!Alan Hansen reminded me of Bobby Moore, thats why hes in my team of the Eighties John Robertson, Kevin Keegan and Phil Neal make my team of the Seventies Giggs would have solved Englands problems… he was born to play left wing Wenger heralded a change… he introduced Prozone and scouting reports to EnglandRavel Morrison has the class of Bale but his attitude is holding back his talent Vieira and Keane are warriors… they were even prepared to do battle while on TV!Why Redknapp fears that the English manager is in danger of becoming extinct  Vieira nearly crossed North London to join Spurs… and Suarez was close to signing too Pies in the canteen and throwing teacups at players… the Premier League killed all that!Sportsmails Head of Sport Lee Clayton interviews Redknapp about his new book  
The England and Manchester United man died along with many team-mates in the Munich air disaster, 1958Another stand-out player was goalkeeper Bert Trautmann, who perhaps is the best example of how the game has changed.He was the first foreign star in English football, who came here as a German prisoner of war, and stayed. I’m not sure that could happen now. I think it would be too horrible for him.He’d been a member of the Hitler youth, a Luftwaffe paratrooper, and had fought on the Eastern front in Russia. He was captured and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp in Lancashire, and when the war was over he ended up playing for St Helens Town in the Lancashire Combination.When Frank Swift, who was Manchester City’s goalkeeper, contracted TB and they went in for Trautmann, there were huge protests at first, particularly among the Jewish community, until the chief rabbi of Manchester came out in his defence.
Bert Trautmann was another stand-out player, and is a great example of how the game has changed
He came to England as a German prisoner of war, soon after he won the Footballer of the Year awardHe was exotic, he was different. The media wasn’t as sensationalist back then, but we all knew his background, all knew whose side he was on in the war.I suppose it is testament to what he was like as a player and a person that he won over the crowds. In 1956 he was the first foreign player to win the Footballer of the Year Award — it was the year he won the FA Cup, playing with a broken neck.I just look at where he came from and think: ‘If we all ended up liking a bloke who had fought for the Nazis, he must have been good.’
The front cover of Redknapps new book, A Man Walks On To a Pitch, which is released on Thursday   A Man Walks On To A Pitch by Harry Redknapp is published by Ebury Press, priced £20. Offer price £16 until October 21. Order at or call 0808-272-0808 — p&p is free for a limited time only.  
HARRY REDKNAPP: Alan Hansen reminded me of Bobby Moore, always in the right place at the right…
Duncan Edwards had it all… he joins Billy Wright and Danny Branchflower in my team of the fifties
George Best is the best footballer Britain has ever produced… him, Bobby Moore and Sir Bobby…
HARRY REDKNAPP: George Best is still the bravest player Ive seen. Girls screaming at him and boys…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Where are poor Gazzas friends now he needs their help?
HARRY REDKNAPP: 15-year-old Kenny Dalglish had West Ham stars standing and applauding… then signed…
HARRY REDKNAPP: John Robertson was the most unlikely professional you could see… but Nottingham…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Paul Scholes was better than Roy Keane in Manchester Uniteds midfield and thats…
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David Cameron is under intense pressure to crush Ukip in next month’s Rochester by-election after senior figures in his own porn party blamed him for the Eurosceptic party’s surge.After losing the previously safe Tory seat of Clacton to Ukip, the battle escort bayan in the seat of Rochester and Strood, Kent, has become a critical test of the Prime Minister’s authority, warned MPs.The escort Tories had been braced for defeat in Clacton where the Ukip candidate was Tory defector Douglas Carswell – a popular child porno MP in the constituency. Nonetheless, there was alarm at the scale of his triumph.Scroll down for video 
David Cameron has pledged to throw everything he can at Rochester as the Conservatives face potential upset in another 20 key marginal seats where a Ukip swing could had victory to LabourMr Carswell recorded an overwhelming victory over the Conservative candidate with 59.6 per cent of the vote and an increased majority of 12,404.The Tories took 8,709 votes, or 24 per cent. Labour took 3,957 – some 11 per cent, meaning its share of the vote more than halved.
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Lib Dems lose their deposit for the seventh time since 2010: Party gets lowest share of by-election…
Ill do deals with everyone: Farage could prop up minority government to avoid a second coalition
Sources at Tory HQ said they were now planning to recruit Labour and Lib Dem voters – who strongly dislike Nigel Farage – to vote Tory in a ‘keep Ukip out’ campaign in Rochester, where former Conservative MP Mark Reckless has also defected to Ukip.The Prime Minister is promising to ‘throw everything he can’ at the contest, which is expected to be much closer than in Clacton.Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps said the by-election results at Clacton and Heywood had been ‘an alarm clock message, a stark warning’.But he warned Ukip voters that the person with a ‘big smile on his face’ would be Ed Miliband, who would ultimately be handed victory if the rise of Ukip continued to split the Tory vote.After the result, former Tory deputy chairman and pollster Lord Ashcroft, a regular critic of Mr Cameron said scathingly: ‘The Conservative Party leadership must take a large part of the credit for the rise of Ukip.’
Mark Reckless holds up a newspaper announcing that Douglas Carswell has been elected as the first Ukip MP as he seeks to follow suit in another by-election next weekAnd veteran right-winger Sir Edward Leigh also blamed his party’s leaders for the rise of Ukip, saying the result in Clacton was a ‘warning shot’ across the party’s bow.‘A whole host of errors conceived or approved of by Tory bigwigs has fostered the steady loss of votes to the Faragists,’ he said.Sir Edward said ‘coalition with the Liberals, increased taxes on the middle classes, cuts to the armed forces, failed and wasteful green policies, failing to deliver the promised referendum on Lisbon, the massive increase in international aid spending, and controversial and revolutionary social policies such as same-sex civil marriage’ had all contributed to the result.He suggested that collapsing the Coalition would show disillusioned potential Tory voters that Mr Cameron was serious about addressing their concerns. ‘In order to reconnect with our supporters, we need to break up the Coalition,’ he said.One senior source on the powerful 1922 Committee of backbench Conservatives said the Rochester by-election had become ‘more important’ as a result of Thursday night’s results.But he said Mr Cameron had ‘belatedly come up with the right prescription’ when he promised big tax cuts and reform of EU free movement in his party conference speech earlier this month.However, another senior backbencher warned Mr Cameron could face ‘a real crisis’ if Ukip wins in Rochester.Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said voters in Clacton could see the economy was improving but still felt a ‘lack of security’ and were ‘frustrated about what they perceived as an influx of immigrants, mostly from Europe’.‘They were adamant that they wanted this controlled, in or out of the EU, and they wanted to have their say on whether we left the EU,’ he wrote on the ConservativeHome website.‘They were also disenchanted with what they perceive as Westminster insincerity.
Mark Reckless joins Nigel Farage in front of the cameras
Mr Reckless defected to Ukip last month on the second day of their conference, and has been heavily criticised as a traitor by some Tories
Nigel Farage was out celebrating until 4.45am with his new Ukip MP after Douglas Carswell stormed to victory in Clacton with a majority of 12,404 votes‘Many were clear that they understood that the by-election was an opportunity to send a signal to the Government. Yet, despite all this they couldn’t have been clearer that they were also ready to be persuaded to vote Conservative at the General Election, that they understood the difference in the two votes.’Mr Duncan Smith added that he was ‘struck by the fact’ that many voters ‘still don’t realise that they will decide Britain’s future only if the Conservatives are in power after the next election – that it is only David Cameron who is committed to deliver that referendum they want’.Eurosceptic Conservative MP Mark Pritchard admitted he had been ‘attracted’ by Ukip. But he insisted he had been persuaded to stay by Mr Cameron’s promise last year of a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.‘I came to the conclusion that if I really want to renegotiate the United Kingdom’s relationship with Europe, the only party that can deliver that is the Conservative party,’ the Wrekin MP said.Mr Pritchard said he did not believe any more Conservative MPs would defect to Ukip before the next election. Greg Hands, the Government’s deputy chief whip, agreed, saying: ‘Part of my job is to know the Conservative Party and I am confident that there won’t be.’Former Conservative MP Jerry Hayes, a barrister, said Ukip had ‘officially replaced the Lib Dems as the spittoon for the aggrieved, the nutters, the no-hopers and thoroughly p***** off’.One poll has put Mr Reckless, who defected from the Conservatives to Ukip last month, on course for victory in Rochester and Strood.However, the Tories have yet to select a candidate and strategists are confident they can defeat the MP – who lacks the personal appeal of Mr Carswell – by winning back supporters flirting with Ukip. They are also drawing up plans to woo Labour and Lib Dem voters who dislike Ukip – a tactic credited with delivering victory in a by-election in Newark earlier this year.
David Cameron: Only Conservative vote can secure stability
Labour may have been given a scare in Heywood and Middleton, but the truth is Ukip still remains a far bigger risk to the ToriesThe outcome of the General Election in May is now almost impossible to predict.For the Tories, the by-election results were abysmal. In Heywood and Middleton, their vote collapsed in a seat where they performed respectably in 2010. In Clacton, they suffered a swing against them to Ukip of 44 per cent.For the Liberal Democrats, the outcomes just confirmed their catastrophic decline since their U-turn on tuition fees. At Clacton, they even lost their deposit.Labour, too, was shaken. Heywood and Middleton is the sort of safe, northern constituency they should win easily. But they triumphed by just 617 votes after a swing of 18 per cent to Ukip.That demonstrates the potential threat that Ukip represents in Labour’s heartlands.If the voting patterns seen on Thursday were to be replicated in a General Election – which, of course, they won’t be – the outcome would be astonishing.A similar swing to the one in Heywood to Ukip would see Farage lead his party to an overall majority with 331 seats.Labour would lose 32 seats of its current 257, the Lib Dems 52 out of the 57 they won in 2010, and the Tories would lose 246 MPs, leaving them with just 57.If Ukip’s success at Clacton were to be repeated next year on a national scale, then Britain would virtually be a one-party state.But by-elections are totally different from General Elections.Ukip cannot fight on a national scale as intensively as they did in Clacton, while their efforts will also be undermined by the first-past-the-post system.And here is the silver lining for Labour. Even with the powerful campaign mounted by Ukip, Labour were still able to hang on in Heywood and Middleton. Indeed, their share of the vote actually went up by 1 per cent.The lesson is that Labour’s safe seats remain resilient.The truth is that Ukip remains a bigger danger to the Tories. Polling shows that 14 per cent of people who voted Tory in the 2010 General Election plan to vote Ukip next May, whereas the figure for Labour is 6 per cent.That gives Ed Miliband a key advantage in many of the crucial marginal constituencies.Based on the latest polls, it is possible Labour could take some 20 of these from the Conservatives – seats that would stay Tory if it was not for Ukip stealing their votes. In addition, there are five marginal Lib Dem seats which are key Tory targets that could remain out of David Cameron’s hands because of the greater number of Tory switchers to Ukip.That is why Miliband may still win an overall majority. The latest average of the polls puts Labour on course for a majority of 18 in the Commons.If the Tories lose the Rochester and Strood by-election, they will be in real trouble.    

New see appearing porno time

10 Ekim 2014

James Nortons acting career has recently seen a complete turnaround.Having played the psychopathic killer Tommy Lee Royce in the BBC series Happy porno Valley, his latest project has seen him take on a more angelic role. James has recently been filming the new series of porno Granchester where he plays the troubled Reverend Sidney Chambers. 
James Norton, who played the psychopathic killer Tommy Lee Royce in the BBC series Happy Valley, looks cool and casual as he poses for Marks and Spencers online magazine  In his interview with Marks and Spencers online magazine, James admits that his recent change in character has confused some of his fans. He said: The funniest is when people see me in a dog collar, when the public gather on set when were filming Grantchester, and you can see them looking at me, and trying to process this memory of a psychopath now wearing a dog collar and trying to marry the two together.Playing the local vicar should come as a welcome relief to the 29-year-old actor, who says that his role in Happy Valleys occasionally took its toll.
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James explained that getting into character was something that required a great amount of investment from him. Getting into the mindset of a guy like Tommy, who I played in Happy Valley, its a lot of work. I was put in touch with a psychologist and watched lots of films, and you have to try and empathise as much as you can with his position.
Making a name for himself in the acting industry is something that is really important to James, who has spent his life trying to prove himself as a thespian, he reveals in the candid interview
James, who looks dapper in a series of suits from M&S, explained that getting into character was something that required a great amount of investment from himHe says that although his part was testing, the experience taught him a lot about the human psyche and he even began to sympathise with Tommy.  I think the mistake lots of people make when it comes to a psychopath is that they completely write off their actions as cruel, callous and completely calculated but actually the truth is that they have interests and reasons behind their actions. They commit these acts of brutal murder and cruelty in order to survive, because they see the world as inherently hostile and if they dont attack, the world will attack them.James understanding of the role hadnt always been so well educated and he explained that perhaps his desperation to play Tommy showed in his first audition, where he admits to coming across as a little try-hard.  I was desperate to show them that I could play a ruthless psychopath, so I turned up at the read-through with these big black boots on and a trench coat and sat by the tea table, and didnt look or speak to anyone. I just tried to be really enigmatic and dark and sinister and then, eventually, of course, they found out. 
He revealed that he really admires Richard Wilson, who played Victor Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave. Hes become a mentor, he said of the actor
James reveals that he is a huge fan of clothes, and loves M&S. All my underwear is M&S, he shared as he poses in trunks by a poolBefore his stint as a kidnapper, James took on several other television and film roles and even appeared in Doctor Who, but Happy Valleys was easily his big break.Making a name for himself in the acting industry is something that is really important to James who has spent his life trying to prove himself as a thespian. James says that he has always had extremely supportive parents, with his father even appearing as an extra in several productions, but the British actor admits that not everyone is as understanding when it comes to pursuing a career in the arts. It takes a lot of courage, when everyone is asking you what you want to do, if you say that you want to be a musician or an actor, people can be very condescending and say, oh, thats so sweet, good luck with that! It can be very frustrating.I think thats one of the most important things about studying drama at an institution, you go, I am now a professional. I can say that to people and I dont care if theyre condescending because I know that this is my life and this is what Ive dedicated those three years to.
James says that he has always had extremely supportive parents, with his father even appearing as an extra in several productions
The actor explains that he had the acting bug from a very early age and loved storytelling as a child Despite his success, James has his head screwed on and remains humble. Ive been pretty lucky, the last few years with Happy Valley and then Grantchester have been very special, so Im waiting for that duff job or the diva-ish cast or aggressive director!Its no wonder hes loving every minute; James, who admires Richard Wilson, says that he had the acting bug from a very early age and was always the kid who loved telling stories, putting them on as theatre and then insisting that his parents and all their friends would sit down and watch them.I grew up in the countryside so I had quite a feral life up until the age of about fourteen, he recalls.I had the safety of that environment so I was able to run wild and let loose. It was totally idyllic, like an Eden that was mine with no dangers or threats. And then at the age of fifteen, I realised there was a party going on elsewhere that I wasnt invited to, and suddenly the Eden-like paradise of the countryside felt incredibly limiting – I became very oppressive and adolescent, and then was a nightmare for the rest of my teenage years.Today, he is loving every minute of his acting career and feels blessed to be among so much British talent. As far as people Id like to work with, the list is endless, he says. I think to work with Steve McQueen would be amazing, and then some of the UK talent we have; Eddie Marsan, Olivia Colman, both of whom I have met and admired for a long time. Were very blessed in this country, there is so much talent for people to work with and learn from. Like what James is wearing? You can find the looks from his shoot on the M&S website.
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Adhd attention porno porno adults

Toddlers who dont feel guilty after misbehaving or who ignore affectionate parents could be headed for trouble in later life, porno researchers have warned.They say the signs could lead to behavioral issues as early as the first grade.Affected children are more porno likely to become aggressive and violent as teens and adults. 
Adults who are aggressive or violent have often shown early-starting behavior problems as young children, the reseachers said. HOW THEY DID IT The data came from 240 children and their parents who were part of the Michigan Longitudinal Study, an ongoing study of young children at risk for behavior problems. Data were collected from parents when children were 3 years old and again by teachers when they were 6 years old. Parents completed questionnaires about their childrens behavior, while the children completed six tasks that were videotaped and coded by researchers.  The findings come from a new University of Michigan study that identifies different types of early child problems.Early preschool behavior problems often improve over time. When that doesnt happen through grade school, children are more likely to become aggressive and violent as teens and adults.Previous research on these different types of behavior problems has focused on older children and teens.Little analysis had been done among preschoolers, who undergo rapid physical and psychological development, making this a difficult time for parents to manage behaviors and an important time to help children improve their behavior, said Rebecca Waller, a U-M psychology research fellow and the studys lead author.Adults who are aggressive or violent have often shown early-starting behavior problems as young children. Thus, a focus on understanding the emergence and development of behavior problems before they become severe is important for creating new treatments that could help prevent children following a lifetime of violence or crime. 
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The study identified three types of early behavior problems at age 3, including oppositional behaviors, ADHD behaviors, and callous and unemotional behaviors. For oppositional behavior, parents reported that their children were often angry, frustrated and had difficulty regulating their emotions.Not surprisingly, children whose parents rated them high on ADHD behaviors had difficulty maintaining their focus and attention during tasks. Finally, if parents reported callous and unemotional behavior in their preschooler, the children were reported to have less empathy, guilt and moral regulation of their behavior. Waller said that those with the highest levels of these kinds of behaviors were more likely to show this behavior during 1st grade and were also more likely to have continued behavior problems as rated by their teachers.
Adults who are aggressive or violent have often shown early-starting behavior problems as young childrenA key thing for parents and educators to take from this work is that many children during the preschool years show normative levels of behavior problems and aggression, but there may be different types of behavior problems that may need different interventions if the behavior is not declining as children get towards school age, said study co-author Luke Hyde, U-M assistant professor of psychology.For example, children with callous and unemotional behavior may be the most at risk and need treatment that focuses on the childs emotional understanding of others, he said.The good news is that we know from other work that early interventions are very successful and helpful with early child behavior problems, Hyde said. If parents or teachers are concerned about a childs behavior, they should seek out a mental health provider such as a clinical psychologist, who is trained in a treatment called Parent Management Training. This treatment is very effective and can help a child learn better behavior, particularly early in childhood.  

At more vip eskort environment cooked

9 Ekim 2014

A Christmas Day diner died and dozens of others became seriously ill after eating their turkey lunch at a pub vip eskort where staff paid lip service to safety procedures, a court heard today.Mother-of-one Della Callagher, 46, died after paying £39.95 for elit escort the four-course lunch at the Railway Hotel, Hornchurch, Essex, on Christmas Day 2012.She was among 33 people who fell ill following the alleged outbreak of food poisoning, later attributed to a bacteria known as Clostridium perfringens.The restaurants former owner Ann McSweeney, 40, and ex-chef Mehmet Kaya, 37, deny serving food that was unfit for human consumption. 
Ann-Marie McSweeney (pictured, left) is on trial accused of serving food unfit for human consumption in her pub after mother Della Callagher (right) diedThe pubs parent company, Mitchell and Butlers PLC, based in Birmingham, also deny the charge at Snaresbrook Crown Court.McSweeney, of Hornchurch, and Kaya, of Purfleet, Essex, also deny perverting the course of justice by falsifying records in a daily kitchen due diligence log relating to the cooking and cooling of turkey meat.The pair are accused of failing to properly monitor the temperature of the turkey as it cooked.Following the incident, they allegedly falsified their food safety records to hand to health and safety inspectors. 
Why wont UK test air travellers for Ebola? Fears of complacency after President Obama announces…
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McSweeney further denies obstructing an officer in the course of their duty by handing the falsified documents to food safety inspectors.Andrew Campbell-Tiech, prosecuting, told the court: Mehmet Kaya grossly, grossly mismanaged the preparation of the Christmas turkey.By that act he caused his employer, the company, to place unsafe food before its customers on Christmas Day.Miss McSweeney was in overall charge. She knew, she must have known, that Mr Kaya did not follow safety procedures. Her default is clear, she should have intervened. She did not.
More than 30 diners fell ill with food poisoning after the meal at the Railway Hotel in Hornchurch, EssexReferring to the charge of perverting the course of justice, Mr Campbell-Tiech said: The actions of Miss McSweeney and Mr Kaya in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy were not those of innocent actors caught up in a tragedy not of their making.News of a possible food poisoning outbreak reached The Railway Hotel sometime in the morning on Boxing Day. Carole Rowe, a diner, had returned to the hotel to complain.He added: Miss McSweeney contacted the company, who by 1pm on Boxing Day were aware that six people had reported illness.Environmental Health Officers attended on the 27th and, by that time, all trace of the Christmas meal had disappeared. There were no samples for the officers to seize.He continued: Clearly the turkey breasts were cooked and cooled, otherwise they could not have been reheated and served the following day, Christmas Day. But when and for how long, we simply do not know.Mr Campbell-Tiech claimed the kitchen logbooks showed the kitchen of The Railway Hotel paid lip service only to the systems the company had prescribed but did not enforce.The trial continues.
Mrs Callagher, who tragically later died, was initially seen at Queens Hospital in Romford, pictured BACTERIUM IS THE UKS THIRD MOST COMMON CAUSE OF FOOD POISONING  The bacterium Clostridium perfringens is widely distributed in the environment and food. It is the third most common cause of food poisoning in the UK.If spores of the bacteria survive cooking, they can germinate to form growing cells. Spores cannot grow in a refrigerator or freezer but thrive at room temperature.In optimal growing conditions, the organism has a generation time of 10 to 12 minutes. When a large number of the vegetative cells are consumed this will more-likely-than-not lead to gastroenteritis.
Food poisoning from the bacteria most often occurs when foodstuffs, usually red meat or poultry, is prepared in advance and kept warm for several hours before serving.The illness, with diarrhoea and abdominal pain the main symptoms, generally lasts for less than 24 hours but elderly people may be more seriously affected.The bacteria is also responsible for 80-95 per cent of gas gangrene cases, a rare but severe form of gangrene.

Recorded business for interest escort

First-time buyers and home movers were hit by a summer mortgage crunch but banks and building societies expect mortgage lending escort to bounce back in the next three months, a Bank of England survey revealed this morning.Its Credit Conditions survey of escort bayan lenders between June and September recorded the largest fall in the amount of credit they were able to supply since bayan escort the end of 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed.Lenders told
the Bank they have also become less willing to lend to eskort people with
deposits of less than 10 per cent for the first time since the Bank
started asking them this question in 2013. The
survey also showed mortgage availability fell for borrowers with
larger deposits of more than 25 per cent.
Mortgage slowdown: The amount of credit available to homebuyers dropped between June and SeptemberDemand from potential home buyers for mortgages also saw a significant decrease.
The tightening in lending was
largely due to banks reduced risk appetite and concerns about the outlook for
house prices, the Bank of England suggested. Yesterday, a report by the Centre
for Economics and Business Research predicted that property values will
fall next year.But borrowers may already be seeing an improvement. The past month has seen a series of lenders cut mortgage rates, with five-year fixes driven back below 3 per cent.
The drop in available credit came almost straight after regulators required lenders to impose tighter affordability checks on new borrowers, in the form of the Mortgage Market Review.This – implemented in April – means lenders now have to stress-test borrowers to ensure they can afford higher interest rates and probe finances more stringently.The survey said: ‘Many lenders noted that operational issues associated with the implementation of the MMR had pushed down on credit availability over the summer.’ 
Should you join the Autumn remortgage rush? Heres why it may pay to be loyal to your lender
Leading think-tank predicts house prices will fall next year in turning point for the property market
Can you find a better deal? Mortgage tables

A string of lenders have slashed their mortgage rates in recent weeks, which experts have put down to lenders looking to meet end-of-year targets by sharpening up their ranges.The Banks report indicates that this trend is set to continue, as lenders said they expect their profit margins on home loans to narrow further in the coming months. 
Demand for buy-to-let lending was reported to have increased slightly.Last week, separate Bank of England data showed mortgage lending in August fell to a three-month low.Meanwhile the Nationwide Building Society in its monthly house price index reported values fell in September, the first month-on-month drop in 17 months.However, lenders said in the Bank of England survey that they expect both demand for mortgages and willingness to supply them to bounce back strongly in the final three months of the year, citing a desire to rebuild market share.Despite the blip recorded in the Nationwide index and the small falls predicted by CEBR for next year, average house prices are still nearly 10 per cent higher than a year earlier, though this masks big regional variations.House prices in London are more than 30 per cent above their 2007 peak, while in the rest of the country they are just one per cent higher.Howard Archer, economist at IHS Global Insight, said: Going forward, we suspect that the upside for buyer interest will be limited by more stretched house prices to earnings ratios, the prospect that interest rates will start to rise before long – albeit gradually – and tighter checking of prospective mortgage borrowers by lenders. Elsewhere, the report showed the total amount of unsecured credit made available to households increased in the last three months and lenders expect a further rise in the build-up to Christmas.Lenders have been reporting increases in unsecured credit availability for most of the past two years. For credit card lending, demand was reported to have increased between June and September, following declines in the previous three quarters.  

Will to escort allow developments

Every little helps: Savings rates may be low but at least an Isa means interest is tax-free
Our savings correspondent Lee escort Boyce picks his five favourite cash Isas for savers in 2014 – essential reading to help you choose a top escort bayan savings account for your money.
This page is kept up-to-date throughout the year – bookmark it for the very bayan escort latest developments.How an Isa works and why you should have oneEach year in April, savers are given a fresh Isa eskort allowance that qualifies for tax-free interest.For 2014-15, the limit was set at £5,940 for cash Isas.
But since 1 July, savers can top this up to a whopping £15,000 – all of which can go into a cash Isa, after an announcement in the Budget back in March.
And you can also transfer Isa money whichever way you wish between an investment account to savings account, whereas previously you could only shift it from saving to investments.Although cash Isas dont currently offer fantastic rates, it is still worthwhile opening one to shield money away from the taxman. Read This is Money editor Simon Lambert explain how to use a New Isa to boost returns.
Isa rules state you can only contribute to one Isa per tax year.
You can also transfer an old Isa for better returns. Heres a quick guide to Isa saving.It is possible to switch your current years cash Isa if you move the entire amount, but it is far simpler to get your choice right in the first place.Rates are low, but that just makes an Isa more importantSavers have been hit in recent years with
low interest rates as banks and building societies fail to match tax-free Isa rates to standard accounts.
To those injuries was added the insult of the Funding for Lending scheme that pushed cheap cash through banks and building societies to borrowers and removed the incentive to offer decent savings rates.
This is now closed for lenders looking to gain more funds by increasing mortgage lending, but with plenty left in their pots they have little incentive to offer good rates.
But low rates just make it even more important to shelter your interest from the taxman, which is what a cash Isa does.HOW WE PICK OUR FAVOURITE FIVE
Our five favourite Isas round-up is a permanent feature of This is Money.
Lee Boyce: This is Moneys savings expert
It comes complete with an explanation detailing why were happy to pick each account.This page will be kept updated as and when new deals pop up or old ones get scrapped.
Our team work tirelessly to stay on top of the latest rate changes, but banks and building societies can pull deals without telling us. If you spot a deal here that is not longer available please email us at
Remember, you can open an Isa or transfer (provided youre not tied to a fixed-term) at any time during the year.Note
that we dont just copy the best rates from the savings tables – we
scour the market for all-around winners. This is a taster of the top
deals. For the best rates, visit our savings rates tables, which are comprehensive and independently compiled.

BM Savings Isa – 1.55% [Full details]- Facts: £1 to open- Transfers in: Yes
- This is Money says: This easy-access rate accepts transfers in, but has to be accessed via post – although it can be opened online or on the telephone. It also carries a meaty bonus, meaning the rate will drop to just 0.5 per cent this time next year, so it is vital to remember to switch at this time.
Virgin Money Two-Year Fixed Isa – 2.1% [Full details]- Facts: Minimum balance of £1
- Transfers in: Yes
- This is Money says: Launched at the start of October, Virgin raced to the top of the best buy table with this two-year fixed-rate deal. There are two different accounts – one, Issue 93 that you can open online, and another, Issue 114, which can be accessed in-branch or via the post, but both carry the same rate. Withdrawals are subject to a 90 days loss of interest penalty.  Clydesdale and Yorkshire Three-Year Fixed Isa – 2.45% [Full details]- Facts: Minimum balance of £2k
- Transfers in: Yes
- This is Money says: Both these banks boosted the three-year fixed rates on 1 July and blew deals which run for the same amount of time out of the water. They allow transfers in and can be opened with £15,000. To open the account and access it is via branch-only – but it does have 322 dotted around the country. 
Virgin Money Five-Year Fixed Isa – 2.8% [Full details]- Facts: Can be opened with £1
- Transfers in: Yes
- This is Money says: This account offers tax-free savers the highest current available rate, but money has to be fixed until October 2019, with no access to the cash before this date.
NS&I Direct Isa – 1.5% [Full details]
- Facts: Can be opened with £1,
- Transfers in: No
- This is Money says: This National Savings and Investment Isa creeps into our best buy table by default. Rates have been plunging this year and despite a rate cut by NS&I earlier in the year, it is now the top easy-access rate you can open tax-free and without a bonus that drops off. 

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They cent wonga june bayan escort

Payday lenders will be forced to put details of their products on comparison websites under a proposed clampdown set out bayan escort by a watchdog.The move is designed to make companies prove they are not ripping off the sectors 1.8million customers, giving escort bayan people the opportunity to shop around for the best deal. It comes after Britains biggest payday lender Wonga announced it had eskort written off £220million of debt belonging to 330,000 customers.
Payday lenders, escort including Wonga, could be forced to provide details of their products on impartial comparison websites under a proposed clampdown set out by a watchdogUnveiling the plans, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said at the moment there is little transparency over the cost of loans while competition on price is weak.It said that by ensuring there are accredited websites providing impartial, relevant and accurate information about payday loans, there will be a much greater incentive for lenders to offer low cost loans to win borrowers business. The watchdog said payday lenders should provide details of their products on accredited websites as a condition of operating in the market.It has previously found that a general lack of access to credit elsewhere, unclear fees and charges levied on payday loans and a shortage of ways to compare prices all combine to make it hard for customers in particular to find the cheapest deals.
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Wonga to write off debt of 330,000 customers after introducing new lending criteria 
The CMA has estimated that a typical payday loan customer could be up to £60 a year better off if measures were put in place to make it easier for them to shop around.And collectively, UK customers could save £45million a year if the market were more competitive.It said that the development of effective price comparisons would make it easier for new entrants to become established and challenge the existing big players.The CMAs research found that lenders which have tried to offer substantially lower rates have not been particularly successful in attracting new business because of consumers focus on speed and convenience over price.It has previously found that the three largest lenders in the sector – Wonga, Dollar and CashEuroNet – accounted for around 70 per cent of revenue from payday lending in the UK.Dollars subsidiaries include The Money Shop, while CashEuroNets online lending products include QuickQuid and Pounds to Pocket.The CMA also suggests that payday lenders should be required to give borrowers a summary of the charges they have paid on their most recent loan and over the previous 12 months, so they can get a clearer overview of how much they are spending with a particular lender.
The watchdog said payday lenders should provide details of their products on accredited websites as a condition of operating in the marketIt wants to see greater transparency over late fees and charges, which are not always clear to customers when they are choosing a payday loan.It is also proposing that lead generator websites, which act as payday loan middlemen by selling potential borrowers details on to lenders, should be forced to explain much more clearly how they operate.This could involve displaying messages which tell a potential customer: We are a broker, not a lender, and: We sell your application details on the best terms for us rather than you, before asking whether they still want to go ahead.Often, consumers can mistake a lead generator for a firm which is going to lend them the money. The financial ombudsman recently highlighted complaints it is dealing with from consumers who have complained of payday loan middlemen draining money from their accounts without even providing the loan they were looking for.  HOW CUSTOMERS CAN FACE HUGE ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES Below is a comparison of representative loans for similar amounts set out on websites run by the countrys biggest three main lenders or through their subsidiaries. An example of a minimum loan from a high street bank is also provided.Wonga: On its homepage, the company suggest £150 of credit for 18 days would result in an eventual repayment of £183.49. It says its annual percentage rate is 5,853 per cent.QuickQuid (part of CashEuroNet): The homepage suggests a loan of £200 over 31 days which would result in a total repayment of £259 with an annual percentage rate of 1,999 per cent.
The Money Shop (a subsidiary of Dollar) advertises an annual percentage rate of 4,516 per centThe Money Shop (a subsidiary of Dollar): Its representative example is for a £200 loan with a total repayment of £259.98 in 28 days. It says its annual percentage rate is 4,516 per cent. Natwest: Using the companys online personal loan calculator, the minimum a customer can borrow is £1,000 over a year with a total repayment of £1,116.24 and a representative 22.9 per cent annual percentage rate.  Simon Polito, chairman of the payday lending investigation group, said: Greater price competition will make a real difference to the 1.8 million payday customers in the UK.At the moment there is little transparency on the cost of loans and partly as a result, borrowers dont generally shop around and competition on price is weak.By ensuring that there are accredited websites providing impartial, relevant and accurate information about payday loans, we can make it easier for customers to make comparisons and there will be a much greater incentive for lenders to offer lower cost loans and to win borrowers business.Lower prices from greater competition would be particularly welcome in this market. If you need to take out a payday loan because money is tight, you certainly dont want to pay more than is necessary.The CMAs provisional recommendations will be subject to a final consultation before a final report is released around the turn of the year.
Wonga founder Errol Damelin (pictured) pocketed almost £1million last year – despite the firm lending to thousands of people who could not afford to pay their loans backThey are part of a wide-ranging crackdown on the sector after controversy erupted over the treatment of some customers.Last week, City regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned the industry to take note after Britains biggest payday lender Wonga announced it had written off £220 million of debt belonging to 330,000 customers. The move came after the FCA found that Wonga had granted loans to some people after carrying out inadequate affordability checks.Yesterday it was revealed that Wongas founder trousered almost £1million last year despite the firm lending to thousands of people who could not afford to pay their loans back.Errol Damelins £970,000 package – up more than a quarter on 2012 – is understood to have included a payoff of almost £700,000 for loss of office.  TIMELINE: HOW BRITAINS PAYDAY LENDER SCANDAL UNFOLDED  March 2013: The UKs biggest payday lenders are threatened with being put out of business after a damning report uncovers evidence of widespread irresponsible lending. The Office of Fair Tradings (OFT) report is the culmination of a large-scale probe into the sector, including spot-checks on household names such as Wonga.June 2013: The OFT refers payday lenders to the Competition Commission for a full-scale inquiry, saying it has found deep-rooted problems. It finds some firms business models appear to be based around customers taking out loans which they are forced to roll over because they cannot afford them.August 2013: The OFT says almost half the lenders who were ordered to prove their business practices are up to scratch have thrown in the towel, with 19 out of 50 firms it investigated deciding to call it a day.February 2014: City regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) publishes a finalised set of rules for when it takes over supervision of the payday lending market in April, along with the rest of consumer credit. FCA chief executive Martin Wheatley says the rules will give us strong new powers to tackle any firm found to be overstepping the line.
Payday lenders such as Wonga have been subject to a raft  of new regulations over the last yearMarch 2014: Payday lenders face a new inquiry to see how sympathetic they are when customers struggle to pay back their debts, the FCA announces. The FCA says it wants to see whether payday firms and other high-cost short-term lenders are putting too much focus on profits rather than consumers interests.April 2014: Supervision of the whole payday lending industry passes from the OFT to the FCA. The FCA immediately starts putting its tough new rules into action, including forcing payday firms to provide financial health warnings in emails, online and in texts and signpost people to free debt help.June 2014: The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) releases provisional findings from its competition investigation and says that payday loan borrowers are paying around £60 a year over the odds because of problems shopping around. It suggests setting up an independent price comparison website for payday customers.The FCA announces that Wonga is to pay £2.6 million in compensation after chasing struggling customers with fake legal letters in order to pressurise them into paying up. Between October 2008 and November 2010, the firm sent correspondence to about 45,000 customers in arrears from non-existent law firms threatening legal action.July 2014: The payday industry comes under more new rules overseen by the FCA. From July 1, payday firms have to include risk warnings in television advertising. They are also banned from rolling over a loan more than twice and they will only be allowed to make two unsuccessful attempts to claw money back out of a borrowers account using a type of recurring payment known as a continuous payment authority.The FCA proposes a cap on payday lending, meaning that from January interest and fees on new loans, including those rolled over, must not exceed 0.8% per day of the amount borrowed.October 2014: Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announces plans that will force payday lenders to sell their products through impartial comparison websites as part of a new clampdown by the watchdog. Mr Damelin quit as a director in June. It was claimed recently that he pocketed another £4million by selling a one per cent stake back to the company when he left its day-to-day running in November last year.Wonga has declined to comment on all matters surrounding Mr Damelins pay. FCA director of supervision Clive Adamson said last week: This should put the rest of the industry on notice – they need to lend affordably and responsibly.The FCA has already strengthened the rules under which lenders are allowed to operate since it took over supervision of the sector in April and it plans to impose a price cap in January on the fees and interest charged by firms, to protect borrowers from escalating debts.The tougher measures which have recently been introduced have seen payday lenders banned from rolling over a loan more than twice and they are now only allowed to make two unsuccessful attempts to claw money back out of a borrowers account. Payday lenders are also obliged to place health warnings on their advertising.At present, such firms have only interim permission to operate under the FCAs toughened regime and they will need to pass assessments in the months ahead to get full permission to carry on. 

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Great British Bake Off favourite Richard Burr was robbed according to thousands of fans who tuned in to the final bayan escort only to see him beaten by grandmother Nancy Birtwhistle.More viewers watched the climax of the popular bakery programme than the escort bayan World Cup final in the summer, with 13.3 million fans tuning in.Judge Mary Berry praised grandmother Ms Birthwhistles quiet determination eskort while Paul Hollywood said her baking was close to perfection as the retired GP surgery manager became the oldest winner escort of the competition at the age of 60.But while the grandmother had been named star baker in only one week-  during the first heat –  builder Burr took the title five times during the series, including a three-week run of supremacy up to the final, and he had been favourite to win.Scroll down for video  
More viewers watched the climax of the Great British Bake Off than the World Cup final in the summer with 13.3 million fans tuning in to watch Nancy Birtwhistle  beat competition from Luis Troyano (left) and bookies favourite Richard Burr (right)An average of 12.1 million people tuned into BBC One to see Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in Brazil in July. At its peak on Wednesday night, more than one million more viewers Ms Birtwhistle trounce bookies favourite, Mr Burr.
Richard the builder blows it. The record-breaking star baker sensationally loses at the last in a…
JAN MOIR: Nancy, nothing fancy – but steady as a rock cake from day one
The surprise triumph by Ms Birtwhistle, nicknamed gadget gran for her love of using home-adapted utensils to perfect her presentation, prompted outrage after the shows conclusion last night with #Richard trending on Twitter during the final.Fans of the North London builder insisted he was robbed as the show reached its climax. 
 While 12.1 million people tuned into BBC One to see Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in Brazil in July, more than one million more viewers watched the same channel on Wednesday night to see Nancy trounce bookies favourite, builder Richard
Fans of the builder poointed out that the grandmother had been named star baker in only one week of the series – during the first heat – whereas he took the title five times during the series
The shaven-headed family man was gracious in defeat, saying after the finale: Congratulations to Nancy. A brilliant baker, and a great friend. Hope I gave you a run for your money nance!!Many viewers whohad been expecting Burr – known for his signature pencil tucked behind the ear – to be the victor after his many strong performances.Fan Martin Colme tweeted: Someone phone watchdog and report a crime, Richard was robbed on the the #GBBOfinal #MaryBerryOut #JusticeForRichard while fellow user James Dunny added: Richard was robbed. Nancy was the best in the final but Richard is the best baker overall. #GBBOfinal #GBBOBut the shaven-headed family man was gracious in defeat, saying after the finale: Congratulations to Nancy. A brilliant baker, and a great friend. Hope I gave you a run for your money nance!!Birtwhistle said she was so caught up in the moment, she can now barely recall the actual triumph: The judges said my name, and I cant really remember what happened.Later I was asked how I was feeling in an interview, but I felt I didnt have the vocabulary, it was all a bit of a fog, she said.
Emotional moment Nancy becomes Great British Bake Off winner
Fans of the North London builder insisted he was robbed as the show reached its climaxThe climax of the 10-week BBC1 series draw an average audience of 12.3 million – one of the biggest TV audiences of the year.When the winner of last years X Factor was crowned in December, the ITV singing contest could manage an audience of 9.7 million.Last nights show even beat the 2013 finale of Strictly Come Dancing which had an audience of 11.5 million, as well as the most recent Britains Got Talent final on 10.9 million, putting Bake Off into a new league.Birtwhistle and her fellow finalists, Burr, 37, and graphic designer Luis Troyano, 42, had to complete the toughest challenges of the series, finishing with a towering piece montee as their showstopper, with sponge, caramel, choux pastry and petit fours, completed in five hours.She leapt ahead during the technical challenge, coming first with her array of tartes au citron, Victoria sponges and scones, while Burr blew it by coming last.Birtwhistle, originally from Hull, said it was an emotional moment as the three hopefuls gathered to hear who had won after 10 weeks of competition in which they had undertaken 30 separate challenges.
Disappintment still lingered this morning after the shock news that Ms Birtwhistle had won sunk inShe said: I can remember having to stand for what seemed an eternity to hear the result. I looked at a tree in the distance and focused on that rather than looking at the judges, and felt what will be will be.We were all pretty exhausted, Luis was close to tears, and Richard looked the same. I took a big gulp, and realised that this moment was like knowing the snowman is going to melt and it will never be the same again. So it was quite a poignant time for all of us.They were joined by the eliminated contenders from throughout the series in the famous marquee pitched on the estate of Welford Park in Berkshire.Birthwhistle added: It was a fabulous day with the sun shining and all my family had come. There was a band playing and it was a lovely atmosphere, we had such a great time and everyone loved it. 
Ms Birtwhistles win had caught many by surprise with Burr, 37, expected to take the honours after weeks of supremacy
He was the bookies favourite and had been named star baker five times, to just one week – during the first heat – for the eventual winnerBerry said: You never know how the bakers will be affected as we go through filming week by week, but Nancy remained constant throughout. I think it was her quiet determination that drove her through, and the fact that she never really lost her cool.It was a close run when it came to judging the final, but Nancy is deservedly our winner and I must admit that I have been inspired by her baking. The bakers have been so keen, so creative and the results have been mindblowing. Its been a real joy to judge this year.Hollywood said: Nancy has been confident, creative and unafraid as a baker and that showed from the very start. In one of my judgings I called her close to perfection, so that says it for me.
Many viewers  had been expecting Burr – known for his signature pencil tucked behind the ear – to be the victor after his many strong performances
The tearful grandmother-of-eight, dubbed gadget gran, was the unanimous winner of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, as announced by presenters Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc after weeks of brilliant bakesThis series has been one of the best for me, as we have had great bakers who have built on their baking expertise each week. They have shown both a depth of knowledge and a sense of humour, you really couldnt have asked for a better bunch.They have really pushed the boundaries of technique this year. The style, the finesse and the precision – the class of 2014 have been exceptional.The programme moved from BBC2 to BBC1 for this years fifth series and created a buzz like never before. It has pulled in around nine million viewers and has become one of the most popular shows on the channel.BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore said last night: It was absolutely right for one of the nations most talked-about programmes to move to the nations favourite channel, and Im more than thrilled BBC1 viewers have taken it to their hearts.

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27 Eylül 2014

Follow us at— Rory Mcilroy (@McIlroyRory) August 11, 2014

Thanks to reliable wifi across Hoylakes links at this years British bayan escort Open, many fans were able to watch the action right in front of them as well as follow TV coverage escort bayan on a tablet or mobile phone.
The concept of second-screening — watching TV with a mobile, laptop or tablet to hand eskort — has become the norm in recent years thanks to the explosion in social media.
Now clubs, and brands, are cottoning escort on to the opportunity it presents.
Scottish football champion Celtic has earned plaudits for its in-stadium wifi network and dedicated matchday app — only the second of its kind in Europe.

#RainDelay— bubba watson (@bubbawatson) August 3, 2014

One way it might go is some of the top rights-holders in sports and football might club together and do their own channel.
Or maybe Twitter and Facebook could enhance their offering, with VIP areas that include a stream about a particular event, where you have all the very best commentators.

United States Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson has picked Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson and Hunter Mahan as his three wildcards for the biennial team battle with Europe at Gleneagles in Scotland later this month.

Bradley, the 2011 U.S PGA Champion, will be playing in his second Ryder Cup after starring for the U.S. in Chicago two years ago. Watson referred to the 28-year-olds unbridled passion as a major reason for picking him.

Bradley returned three points out of four in his first Ryder Cup, forming a strong partnership with five-time major champion Phil Mickelson. But he lost his Sunday singles match to Rory McIlroy as Europe overturned a 10-6 deficit to win 14 ½ to 13 ½. He said: I think this is a redemption year for a lot of guys who were on the team in 2012.

Webb Simpson was also part of the 2012 United States team at Medinah. Despite an up and down year form wise, Watson said Webbs contribution two years convinced him to pick the 2012 U.S. Open champion.

Simpson joined forces with Bubba Watson, winning two of their three contests by a handsome 5&4 margin. But he succumbed to Ian Poulter in the singles. Ill never forget the feeling that I had watching the other team celebrate, Simpson said of 2012.

Hunter Mahan missed the 2012 Ryder Cup but has spoken of his desire to avenge the defeat the U.S suffered in 2012. The contest came down to his singles match with Graeme McDowell, the Northern Irishman getting the better of his opponent to seal victory for Europe.

Mahan was vociferously defended by Mickelson in the team press conference after that reverse in Wales and his recent victory at the Barclays convinced Watson to pick him. Losing lingers, Mahan said of his 2010 experience. Its been four years, but it feels like yesterday.

Watsons way
Keegan Bradley
Partnering Phil
Simpsons Webb
Backing Bubba
Mahans redemption
All for one










Watsons Ryder Cup wildcard picks

Francesco Molinari, Ian Poulter and Nicolas Colsaerts of Europe celebrate after winning the 39th Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club in 2012 following a dramatic 14½ – 13½ victory.

Paul McGinley, the European captain, has put his faith in Poulter, Lee Westwood and Scotlands Steven Gallacher as his three wildcard picks for the 2014 match against the U.S. which begins on September 26.

Poulter was Europes main man in Medinah, winning all four of his matches as his team came back from 10-6 down to claim an unlikely victory.

Former world No. 1 Lee Westwood will be playing in his eighth consecutive Ryder Cup after being names as one of McGinleys picks.

Stephen Gallacher will make his Ryder Cup debut at Gleneagles. The Scot will get the opportunity to play in front of his home crowd.

Westwoods fellow Briton Luke Donald was the unlucky man to miss out after failing to convince McGinley he deserved a place.

Miracle of Medinah
Captains picks
Poulters power
Ryder Cup wildcard picks
Gallachers game
Luke loses out









Ryder Cup wildcard picks

Television personalities Kim Kardashian and Willie Geist take a selfie during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres takes a moment during the show to orchestrate a selfie with a group of stars. Bradley Cooper, seen in the foreground, was holding the phone at the time. If only Bradleys arm was longer, DeGeneres tweeted. Best photo ever. It reportedly became the most retweeted post of all time.

Denmarks Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt snaps a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and U.S. President Barack Obama during the memorial service of former South African President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg on Tuesday, December 10.

Tom Hanks takes a selfie with fellow actor Steve Martin at the 2013 Governors Awards.

Track star Usain Bolt takes a picture of himself under the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Oxford defines a selfie as a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Singer Justin Bieber takes a selfie with a fan before appearing on NBCs Today show.

Actress Angelina Jolie takes a photo of herself with a fans camera at the Paris premiere of World War Z.

Actress Meryl Streep takes a photo of herself and Hillary Clinton after Clinton hosted a dinner for the Kennedy Center honorees in Washington.

Even political figures are getting in on the trend. Here, British Prime Minister David Cameron takes a photograph with Olympic volunteer Anita Akuwudike in London.

Actor Ashton Kutcher poses in the audience during the 2010 Peoples Choice Awards.

Now-retired tennis player Kim Clijsters takes a selfie with Caroline Wozniacki during an exhibition match in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Actor Josh Duhamel takes a selfie at the Empire State Building in New York City.

Actor Bradley Cooper poses for selfies with eager fans at the Los Angeles premiere of The Hangover Part III.

Kathie Lee Gifford, Kris Jenner and Hoda Kotb pose for a selfie on NBCs Today show.

Selfies dont always have to be with other people. Director Zack Snyder takes a photo of himself in front of Action Comics No. 1 at the Superman 75 party in San Diego.

Actor Ken Jeong takes a photo with a fan before appearing on NBCs Today show.

Actor Sam Claflin poses for photos with fans in New York City.

After the Sky News Peoples Forum in August, then-Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, left, and opposition leader Tony Abbott took a selfie with Nada Makdessi in Sydney. Abbott became prime minister in September.

Musician Keith Urban takes a selfie with a fan before performing at NBCs Today show.

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisconsin, shoots a video selfie for his Facebook page before the start of a House GOP news conference in Washington.

Actors Eric McCormack and Debra Messing take a selfie while appearing on NBCs Today show.

Duhamel and comedian JB Smoove take a selfie during a commercial break on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies
Celebs taking selfies

























Celebs taking selfies

The recent World Cup underlined what an important accoutrement social media is for any global sporting event.
A total of 672 million tweets relating to the football showpiece were sent during the tournament in Brazil — a new record according to Twitter.
The 35.6 million tweets sent during Brazils humiliating 7-1 defeat to eventual winner Germany was the most sent during a single sporting event.
And it shows that whether inside the stadium or not, the online debate around the game is growing ever larger.
Fans arent passive anymore, they want to feel part of the event and social is crucial in that, Cheese explained.
It allows events to deliver behind-the-scenes content, competitions, hashtag initiatives to allow fans to connect with each other and to the event itself.
Perhaps its most crucial role — especially for really big events — is in bringing together a global audience.
For example, the Premier League — and many of its clubs — engages directly with its millions of fans in China via channels like Sina Weibo.
The big match might be taking place in Manchester but its reach is way, way bigger than that.
Read: Im just a wife, but Im treated like a star
Read: Why Tom Watson battles with Twitter
Read: Do you love Team USA this much?

bayan escort air extra ohare midway

(CNN) — The man accused of setting a fire in an air traffic control center, causing the shutdown of operations bayan escort at Chicago OHare International and nearby Midway Airport, sent a private Facebook message to a relative just before he started escort bayan the blaze, the FBI says in an affidavit.
Take a hard look in the mirror, I have, the message said, according escort to the affidavit. And this is why I am about to take out ZAU [the three-letter identification for the control eskort center] and my life. … So Im gonna smoke this blunt and move on, take care everyone.
Then, 36-year-old Brian Howard apparently started the fire in the control center basement, the affidavit said. When firefighters arrived, they found him lying on the floor and slicing his throat with a knife, the affidavit said.

@cTrappe!— Roz Varon (@rozvaronABC7) September 26, 2014

Doug Church, a spokesman for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association union, said air traffic controllers braced for a tough day. Indianapolis Center is one of the major facilities bearing the brunt of the extra workload today due to the Chicago Center situation, Church said.
OHare is a main hub for United Airlines and other major carriers, with flights headed to international destinations. When controllers stop flights scheduled to fly to OHare, it has the potential to trigger a line of falling air traffic dominoes that will ruin travel plans for countless would-be passengers.
Illustrating the point, the flight tracking website showed no aircraft flying in an area stretching from eastern Iowa to central Michigan.
Smoke at FAA facility stopped flights in May
Fridays flight stoppages come four months after smoke at an FAA radar facility in Elgin, Illinois, prompted flight cancellations and delays at OHare and Midway.
In that May 13 incident, most flights in and out of OHare were delayed by an average of an hour or more, and more than 600 flights were canceled, the Chicago Department of Aviation said. Some 75 flights were canceled at Midway.
The smoke in that May incident was caused by a faulty motor in an air conditioning system, the FAA said at the time.

CNNs Mike Pearson and Amanda Watts contributed to this report.

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